Welcome to EQ at Work

EQ at Work is a dynamic and rapidly growing workplace research, profiling and coaching organisation. Established in Sydney and Melbourne in 1999, we are a group of highly trained professionals, with additional qualifications in neuro linguistic programming, coaching and a number of select profiling instruments.

We are the Australian Partners, part of a global network of 21 countries associated with JobEQ, Belgium. Job EQ specializes in the development and distribution of quantitative profiling tools based on the field of NLP to understand people and enhance performance and motivation at work. Further information www.jobeq.com

EQ at Work Services

Wholesale Distributors of the Work Attitudes and Motivations instrument (iWAM)

EQ at Work Australasia is the Wholesale Distributor for the iWAM instrument in Australia and New Zealand.

Certifiers of the iWAM instrument

We are the prime licensed Certifiers of the innovative and highly reliable Work Attitudes and Motivations (iWAM) instrument in Australia and New Zealand. We certify suitably qualified professionals in the interpretation and application of iWAM to a range of HR applications. These include Recruiting, Coaching and Leadership Development, Succession Planning and Outplacement.

We additionally offer specialist training in Statistical and Qualitative Modeling and Company Cultural Analysis to certified users of the Work Attitudes and Motivations instrument.

Assisting independent Consultants to dramatically increase their business:

We offer world class Consultant training, up-skilling and support for OD and HR Consultants, Trainers and Coaches. Our brief is to provide Consultants with unique and proven methodologies that dramatically increase work performance and simultaneously distinguish the Consultant in an overcrowded market (read more)

Specialist Consulting Services:

We provide speciality Consultancy services to Corporate clients, in defining and replicating key elements for success in specific roles at work (read more).This is achieved through both statistical modelling and in depth interviewing processes

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