iWAM Business Opportunity

3 day iWAM Certification Program for Professionals

EQ at Work offers Professionals in the areas of HR, Consulting, Coaching and Psychology the opportunity to become accredited and proficient in the use of the innovative Work Attitudes and Motivations instrument.

Do you want to expand your service offerings to your clients?

Deepening your People and Consulting knowledge through accreditation in the iWAM instrument provides a genuine business opportunity to generate income and broaden your range of service offerings to your clients.

Our experience, and that of the iWAM team, demonstrates that you can also significantly increase your active and passive income and stand out in a crowded Consulting market. Find out more here.




The iWAM Training Experience

This 3 day training has been extended from the traditional 2 day training, to give even more emphasis to practical exercises, learning through discovery, experience in interpreting and debriefing with iWAM and practical and creative marketing strategies.

A participant once said `...this is not a training where you can do a `crossword in the corner’. To ensure that participants become well grounded and confident with the tool, there is active engagement throughout the entire Program

Aims of the Program

  • To facilitate the formation of a deep, practical and applied understanding of the iWAM measures
  • To provide an environment where participants can learn from each other and form work synergies for the future
  • To ensure participants leave the workshop inspired and have all the materials they need to begin immediate work with iWAM
  • To add a `quantitative’ edge to participants’ understanding of increasing work performance
  • To provide an engaging and enjoyable three days experience
  • To introduce a repertoire of opportunities for expanding Participant’s business
  • To join a community of Consulting support

iWAM Certified Trainer:
Marilyn Powell

Guest Presenters:
Anneli Blundell
Brian Clark

Ian Melville

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