Modelling DVD Webinar Series

If you are iWAM trained and are ready to go to the next level, to widen and add a quantitative edge to your skill base, to gain the consulting skills that could build a strong passive income base - then this is for you.

This series powerfully builds Consultant knowledge & practical skills in both Statistical & Qualitative Modelling processes. Although you may understand what Modelling is, it doesn't mean you know how to handle the complex processes in selling, writing proposals, designing the full research and roll out processes and how to build passive income with Modelling Consulting.

Modelling DVD Webinar Series

DVD set $240.00AUD
(plus GST in Australia)

This series comes with a complete set of templates for how to sell, write proposals, plan and roll out four distinctive forms of Modelling:

  • Statistical Models
    (Contrastive analysis of metaprograms of high and low performers)
  • Cultural Models
    (Mapping the distinctive metaprogram patterns of a Company's culture)
  • Engineered Models
    (Engineering a Model of Excellence based on expert knowledge)
  • Capturing Expertise
    (In depth observation and interview of excellent performers)

This detailed and practical training will allow you to 'hit the ground running'. Additionally, the series is accompanied by 200 Powerpoints which provide attractive and detailed marketing materials and templates for Modelling interventions.

To purchase this series contact Leanne Imbro at [email protected]

Payment within Australia: Bankcard, Direct Deposit
Payment outside Australia: Paypal

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