Recommendations from Coaching Clients

Dr Nicole Cutts PhD, Cutts Consulting, LLC & Vision Quest Retreats, Washington DC
7th January 2010

Dr. Powell is one of the most talented coaches that I have ever encountered. I connected with her from our very first conversation and knew immediately that I would get a lot out of our work together. I was truly amazed at her dedication and professionalism. She was warm and genuine, a truly caring person. The work we did together was amazing. I have had a great deal of experience with both therapy and coaching but can truly say that I never got the sort of results that I did from just four sessions with Marilyn. The changes that took place for me have positively affected both my work and personal life. I was able to change patterns of behavior and thought that had previously seemed engrained. If you are ready to commit to the sort of work that can produce real and lasting change I highly recommend working with Dr. Powell.

Dr. Chuck Appleby, Ph.D President Appleby & Associates, Washington DC
11th December 2009

I have had the great privilege of working with Marilyn Powell both as a coach and a colleague. She is a gifted coach who helped me find a new pathway for a difficult personal challenge. It is rare to find a coach who is capable of making a sustainable impact in such a relatively short period of time. Not only does she elicit clarity and the wisdom within...she also enables the development of new attitudes and behaviors to overcome some of life’s most difficult challenges.

Lindy Bryant, Executive Director, Coaching, Yellow Edge Coaching, Canberra ACT
3rd December 2009

I have had a coaching practice for eight years and have managed 35 coaches across Australia. I believe that Marilyn is one of the best coaches I have ever experienced and coaches with professionalism, warmth, empathy and enormous skill. Her sessions have been instantly helpful to me. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone wanting clarity and to move positively forward in their life and work.

Michelle Duval, CEO Equilibrio, Master Coach Trainer
21st January 2010

Marilyn Powell has the rare ability of being a highly intuitive conduit for herself and her clients while also distilling structure, rigour and accountability through momentum and progress. This is demonstrated in her diverse background of medicine, business, psychology and academia and in her presence, is Marilyn's sincere compassion and commitment to genuine wellbeing. Marilyn is an erudite communicator, engaging trainer, present coach, visionary entrepreneur and authentic leader, one who you will be grateful to engage with’.

Testimonial from Shirley Mac Donald, LLB, Principal Solicitor Family Law, Sydney NSW
30th November 2009

I have personally benefited from Dr Powell’s unique approach to coaching. When I approached Dr Powell for assistance I found that her disarming and professional disposition made it easy for me to gain insights into how and why I think and respond the way I do.

Dr Powell’s approach allows her to remediate problematic thinking patterns at the subconscious level. Entrenched thinking patterns that in traditional therapy may take months to change are more effectively and painlessly dealt with using the approach taken by Dr Powell. This is particularly beneficial to self motivated people in the corporate and professional arena who cannot afford to embark on a lengthy coaching schedule. Dr Powell provides clear schematic overviews of the individual’s thinking patterns and primary motivators. From this she is able to develop effective methodologies and tools that can be taken from the coaching session and applied by the individual to strengthen and entrench positive cognitive change.

I have found that gaining insight about myself has assisted me in understanding the behaviour and reactions of others. In the professional world, such insights are invaluable. I recommend Dr Powell unreservedly.

Deborah Kuhn Divisional Manager, Nation Building Economic Stimulus NSW Housing Services
24th December 2009

From my first encounter with Dr Powell I was immediately inspired to transform my preconceived beliefs of business & life coaching methods. Dr Powell has the capacity to ameliorate my concerns and allow me to feel completely comfortable to discuss and face the issues & challenges confronting people working in senior management. Dr Powell was able to reveal the skills that I had not fully appreciated and taught me how to apply and expand my skill base to create an effective team. Since working with Dr Powell I have developed a new dynamic and increased my capacity to be productive and confident. I would be happy to recommend Dr Powell to anyone looking to advance their personal capacities in the corporate or government sector.

Anneli Blundell, CEO Beyond Coaching, Victoria
11th November 2009

Dr Powell is an insightful Executive Coach whose incisive understanding of people and their emotional issues is a testament to the years she has worked with those facing trauma and struggling with their own demons. Her gentle approaches support her clients to build their foundations and reclaim their personal power from the inside out. She works with alarming accuracy and is among the best I have ever seen! Dr Powell, your work is like magic and your presence like a healing balm’.

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